Benefits of BPW/Tallahassee Membership

Business and Professional Women/ Tallahassee helps women advance their careers or build businesses. One of the most valuable benefits of membership is the opportunity to meet other professional women at signature events, conferences, and programs sponsored by BPW/Florida. Whether you're looking to exchange ideas, build business leads or find peers in your field, BPW connections have proved invaluable for many of our members. The following is a list of signature conferences, events, and programs that benefit local communities, aid in the personal and professional development of young women, and raise awareness of issues affecting working women.

  • Academic Conference Series on Work and Family
  • Women Mean Business Awards
  • Equal Pay Day
  • National Business Women's Week
  • Career Advancement Scholarships
  • Virginia Allan Young Careerist Program
  • Individual Development Program
  • Career and Personal Development Programs
  • Working Family Values
  • WOMENomics

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