President's Message

Dear BPW Members:Laura Reeves

I want to welcome you to Tallahassee’s Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Club. Our local organization officially chartered on June 30, 2006 and has been growing strong ever since. BPW/Tallahassee has aimed to bring a comradeship that Builds Powerful Women among its membership. Membership with BPW is invaluable as we actively exchange ideas, build business leads, and expand in our personal and professional relationships.

I am excited to announce we are once again alternating our BPW Professional Development meetings beginning January 2015. Our goal is to accommodate the busy schedules of our members and to attract new guests. To keep things simple, during the odd months, we will host a luncheon meeting featuring guest speakers that platform our BPW/Florida Individual Development Program. During the even months, we will host a dinner meeting to take care of BPW business and focus on member spotlight and networking opportunities.

BPW members lead, guide, mentor, encourage, enable, and empower. If you are not a BPW member, I invite you to join us. Learn about BPW’s long track record of promoting equity for women in the workplace.

Best Personal Wishes,

Yolanda Miranda-Hill
President 2014-2015 
Business Professional Women Tallahassee